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GAME.bg is created by us - the gamers (like you) for the purposes of connecting, informing and uniting us around our favourite games, gaming platforms and game characters. We've decided to start with a portal pointing at the most popular gaming groups in Bulgaria. Choose as many as you like and dive in for a shared gaming emotions and experiences.

Just as we do, Mario and Luigi work hard to make our little place an exciting hub or even home for all gamers.

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59k+ members


Group all about gaming without restrictions on topics and age.

13k+ members

PlayStation Network


PlayStation group restricted for members who are over 16y.o.

400+ members



XBox group for all enjoying the Microsoft gaming platform

400+ members


Nintendo fans group with the kind support of Mario and Luigi 



Game Market 🇧🇬BG is one of its kind Facebook group for gaming sale posts in Bulgaria!

For the short period since its creation, the group is enjoying a huge interest from tons of PC, PS and Xbox gamers.

With over 40 categories to choose from, GameMarket.bg gives its members a huge choice. But that choise wouldn't mean anything without the dedication of the group admins and their professional work and problem solving capabilities.